JR Pro Shop Amasses a 40K Following, Opens a Second Location Through Miso

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"Jacob and Sean were prepared and asked great questions during the planning process, which helped the whole team.

During the event they handled the tech perfectly and when we faced tech issues, they responded quickly with grace.
I couldn't imagine trying to do it with out them."

Jordan and Ryan are two friends who are serious about bowling…and about having a good time. With that, they built the JR Pro Shop in Richmond.

 They wanted to raise awareness and bring in more people to the shop—whether or not they were looking to go pro or just enjoy themselves. 

To do that, Jordan and Ryan knew they would need to boost their presence online.

But they didn’t just need a regular social media marketing strategy. They wanted to build a community of people who loved to bowl. 

JR Pro Shop needed community-oriented storytellers who knew the game—marketing and bowling.

Luckily, that was right up Miso Media’s alley.

The Challenge

In order to cultivate a relationship between JR Pro Shop and customers, MM built a YouTube channel that focused not only on the products but also on the people behind the shop.

The channel featured consistent uploads (at least once a week) with fast-paced editing and high production quality. 

To further appeal to a younger audience while keeping the timelessness of the sport, MM leveraged YouTube shorts, Instagram Reels, and TikToks.

The Solution

JR Pro Shop has cultivated an audience.

The shop’s YouTube channel became the largest in Canada, with over 28.5k subscribers and 5 million total views. On Instagram, it has maintained over 3000 followers.

MM helped Jordan and Ryan create a community of avid bowlers—Sean and Jacob included.

The Results

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