Brandon & Hannah Get Married Amidst COVID-19, With Help From Miso Media

case study

COVID-19 pressed pause on lots of milestones, but Brandon and Hannah Riley refused to put their wedding on hold.

Choosing to proceed with their vows amidst the pandemic, Brandon and Hannah were forced to have their wedding in a small and intimate venue. 

This was alright, they thought, as long as they were surrounded by a handful of their loved ones—in real-time or virtually.

Brandon and Hannah needed a crew who could capture their special day without getting in the way of those that were there.

The Challenge

Miso Media was well-versed in staying in the background but needed to gain alignment with Brandon and Hannah on the key moments to capture.

To do so, MM held early meetings to find out the priorities of the couple. 

With those in mind, MM became familiar with the venue to find the best angles without blocking the view of others.

MM also worked closely with the wedding planner to make sure all needs were met and the couple could enjoy themselves.

The Solution

Brandon and Hannah’s wedding was one for the (photo) books.

Photography was greatly received and compiled into a photo book that was given to both sets of parents so they could cherish the special day forever.

Also, the highlight video is still rewatched to this day!

The Results

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