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How Miso Media Helped Gene Monterastelli Raise Over $31K for Charity Using Livestream

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"Jacob and Sean were prepared and asked great questions during the planning process, which helped the whole team.

During the event they handled the tech perfectly and when we faced tech issues, they responded quickly with grace.
I couldn't imagine trying to do it with out them."

Gene’s mission is to help people live their lives without getting in their own way. Using tapping techniques, he has helped dozens of clients deal with stress, limited beliefs, learning disabilities, and relationship issues—just to name a few. 

But he knew there were other ways to help people live freely. Gene was looking for ways to support the Peaceful Heart Foundation (PHF) and spread the word about their resources in PTSD, stress relief and emotional trauma. A seasoned businessman, Gene had built an extensive network around the world. He felt that he could bring people around the world together for a good cause.

To do so, Gene decided to host a 24-hour livestream with a goal of raising $25,000 for PHF.

But this wasn’t like the Facebook live you would host on a Friday night: around 30 guest speakers were across 9 different time zones

Gene needed a tech crew that was equal parts flexible, livestream-savvy, and service-oriented.

The Challenge

Gene resonated with Miso Media’s drive to serve and got them onboard. Given the time difference—Gene was three hours ahead—organization was key. MM worked with Gene and his team to make sure everything aligned with his vision. 

Once that was clear, MM arranged the speakers according to their time zones and pre-recorded interviews. 

MM took over the tech production for the live stream, taking care of cues, and making sure that everything ran smoothly so that the viewers could focus on the cause.

The Solution

The 24-hour livestream raised over $31,000 for charity. Viewers from around the world contributed to a great cause from the comforts of their own home and enjoyed the program across YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch.

And best of all, Gene was able to bring people together, tappers and non-tappers alike. Win win.

The Results

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