The Benefits of Livestreaming

The COVID-19 pandemic brought forth a lot of changes – many of them being negative. Living in isolation made it difficult to see our loved ones and celebrations were muted by a mandated number of guests. 

This brought unprecedented challenges for large group gatherings. Churches unable to hold in-person services were forced to find new ways to serve their communities. Weddings and funerals were forced to operate with only a handful of in-person guests. Graduations were moved online or postponed entirely.

Despite these challenges, one of the new opportunities that arose from the pandemic was the emergence of live-streaming

What is live-streaming?

Live-streaming is streaming media simultaneously recorded and broadcast in real-time over the internet. It allows for users from all over the world to observe whatever is being recorded, all as it happens. Users can also interact with each other through video feeds, chat boxes, and more.

What can you live-stream?

The beauty of live-streaming is that it is accessible nearly everywhere, as long as you have stable internet connection. The possibilities are endless, from weddings, to webinars, conferences, gaming sessions, Q&As, fundraisers and so much more. 

Here at Miso Media productions, we were lucky to consistently stream Mass at our local parish of St. Paul’s in Richmond. For about two years, we were able to connect thousands of parishioners each week through these live-streams. Since, we have had opportunities to live-stream weddings, funerals, and even 24-hour fundraisers!

Why should you live-stream?

As pandemic restrictions begin to lift, there are still numerous benefits to live-streaming. For starters, not everyone is physically able to attend large gatherings anymore. Whether it is travel, health concerns, or any other factors, live-streaming allows you to connect with your loved ones regardless of where they are in the world. This way, everyone can feel apart of your special occasion.

Another benefit is that many streaming platforms will save to the internet after the conclusion of the event. This makes it easy to re-visit the event and even easier to share it with those around you. Oftentimes, links can be made private so that only those with the link are able to re-watch the stream. This way, you can rest easy that your recordings are not floating around the public.

Through technology, live-streaming allows us to stay connected and create memories together. 

How can I learn more?

If you have an important event or milestone coming up, it would be worthwhile to consider a live-stream. At Miso Media Productions, we have become experts over the past two years and would be happy to be of service. If you are interested in learning more, please get in touch with us through our website!

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